Welcome to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Confederate Graves Registry

Stats for Jul 17, 2024

This project is dedicated to the memory of George Ballentine, who was one of the first men to recognize the need for a comprehensive searchable database of Confederate Veteran gravesites. George started the first data collection in the Texas Division, and inspired others to join the team, but crossed over the river before he could finish his work. Others have picked up the colors, and the work continues.
To submit records to the database, start by downloading a form using the link above. All instructions are included.

Please start by entering search parameters in the form at bottom center. More parameters will typically return fewer but more specific matches. Keep in mind that spellings vary widely. Choosing a Unit Type and Cemetery State will return matches across all cemeteries in that state, provided the number of records does not exceed 1000. NOTE: the term "Unit AKA" refers to the less systemic name of a unit, for example "Darwin's Rangers" (16th TN Cavalry).